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Top Tourist Attractions of the USA

The United States is one of the most diverse and largest countries in the world. It boasts an incredible number of tourist destinations, including New York City and Chicago, Yellowstone and Alaska, and the sun-kissed beaches of California, Florida, and Hawaii.

There are so many tourist attractions in America that it is tempting to list the entire states or cities. But in this top 8, I’ve tried to concentrate on certain attractions.

Mesa Verde

Mesa Verde National Park | national park, Colorado, United States |  Britannica

The Mesa Verde National Park, Colorado is home the preserved homes and settlements of the Ancestral Pueblo People. These homes are made from rock faces and caves.

It is possible to visit these historic abodes today by walking beneath the cliffs. The Balcony House is particularly well preserved and has 40 rooms accessible only by ladder. Cliff Palace, located nearby, is even larger and is thought to have accommodated more than 100 people in 150 of its original rooms.

Carlsbad Caverns

Carlsbad Caverns National Park Travel Guide - Expert Picks for your  Vacation | Fodor's Travel

Carlsbad Caverns, as the name implies, is a collection that includes over 115 caves. These caverns, located in southern New Mexico are made from limestone. Visitors can descend to more than 900 feet (275m) on a guided tour.

This is the Big Room, which is North America’s largest cave chamber. Visitors can take a 90-minute journey underground to explore the amazing environment.

Mount Rushmore

Mount Rushmore National Memorial | Facts, Location, & History | Britannica

Mount Rushmore is the nation’s most distinctive landmark, and it can be found in South Dakota. The Mount Rushmore, a monument to four former presidents of the United States, was built in the 20th century. Each face is carved from a rock face.

Visitors can see the extraordinary faces of Thomas Jefferson and George Washington as well as Abraham Lincoln, and Theodore Roosevelt. The Presidential Trail, located at the base of Mount Rushmore, offers better views and a unique perspective of the landmark.

Great Smoky Mountains National Park

Great Smoky Mountains National Park | Tennessee River Valley

The Great Smoky Mountains National Park is located on the border of North Carolina and Tennessee. Because of its immense size and stunning scenery, the park is one of the most popular in the country.

You can also hike through old growth forest and spot hundreds of bird species. Visitor centers are also available. You can also take hikes that take you to the waterfalls at Laurel Falls or the views of Clingman’s Dome.

Bryce Canyon National Park

One Day in Bryce Canyon: The Most Beautiful National Park in the USA

Bryce Canyon National Park can be found in Southern Utah. It is home to a stunning display of rock formations. Technically, Bryce Canyon doesn’t actually have a canyon. It is a series of natural amphitheater. The canyon was once home to Mormon settlers, but most people visit it for its breathtaking views and spectacular hiking opportunities.

Sunset Point, which offers panoramic views of red, yellow, and orange rock formations, is one of the most visited vantage points. Queen’s Garden Trail is another popular choice, as it features green trees amongst the red rocks. It makes for an interesting juxtaposition.

Walt Disney World Orlando

Disney World, Universal Orlando, reopening: Theme park plans unveiled

Orlando in Florida is a major hub for amusement parks. However, none are as popular as Walt Disney World. Many people don’t know that Walt Disney World actually consists of multiple theme parks: Epcot, Hollywood Studios and Animal Kingdom.

You can enjoy thrilling rides, Broadway-quality shows, and explore Disney Springs’ nightlife, cuisine and entertainment.

Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco

PICTURES: Golden Gate Bridge - San Francisco, USA | Franks Travelbox

The Golden Gate Bridge, a suspension bridge that spans the Golden Gate between San Francisco to the north and Marin County to its east, is the Golden Gate Bridge.

When it was built in 1937, the Golden Gate Bridge was the longest suspension bridge in the world. It has been a symbol of San Francisco and California. It was made to be more visible in thick fog, which often covers the bridge.

Grand Canyon

Grand Canyon

Grand Canyon, located in Arizona, is one of America’s most popular tourist attractions. The canyon was formed by the Colorado River over many million years. It measures over 1.6km (1 mile) in depth and is 446 km (277 mi) long.

Although the Grand Canyon isn’t the longest or deepest canyon in the world, its vast size and intricate landscape offer spectacular views that are unparalleled anywhere else.

Niagara Falls

Niagara Falls State Park | Niagara Falls USA

Niagara Falls, located between New York State and Ontario is one of the most impressive natural wonders of North America. The Niagara Falls actually consists of three distinct falls: the American Falls (Bridal Veil Falls), Horseshoe Falls and the American Falls.

Horseshoe Falls can be found on Canada’s side, while the other is in New York. It is a popular tourist attraction that attracts more than 14,000,000 visitors annually.

Veracruz, Mexico: The Best Places to See

Tourists often overlook the coast state of Veracruz, which is home to charming colonial towns as well as awe-inspiring archaeological sites hidden amongst stunningly beautiful landscapes. It is located alongside the shimmering Gulf of Mexico and was where the Spanish established their first settlements, as well as attempted to conquer the Aztecs.

You can find many interesting historic sights and cultural landmarks in picturesque towns like La Antigua and Tlacotalpan, while La Tajin’s Mesoamerican ruins are among the most spectacular in the country.

Veracruz is home to the majestic snowcapped Orizaba, Mexico’s highest mountain. There are also beautiful beaches along the Gulf that you can visit. Our Veracruz list contains the top places to see in this region of Mexico.

El Tajin

El Tajin - History and Facts | History Hit

The impressive and breathtaking ruins of El Tajin can be seen from anywhere in Mesoamerica. El Tajin was once one of the most important cities in the region. There were many palaces, ball courts and temples that sprung up, until the city’s fortunes began to decline around the year 1200.

It is an amazing experience to wander around the crumbling ruins towering above you. The Pyramid of the Niches, the undisputed highlight, is the most captivating. It is a great idea to hire a tour guide to explain the intricate designs and motifs of El Tajin. History lovers who are interested in learning more about El Tajin will be delighted.

La Antigua

2022 La Antigua Travel Guide | Expedia Singapore

La Antigua, the second-oldest Spanish settlement in the country was established by Hernan Cortes in 1525. One of the main attractions in the town is the crumbling, vine-covered “Casa de Cortes”, which dates back to his time. La Antigua is a peaceful, pleasant spot to spend time. The cobbled streets of La Antigua are great for wandering around and stopping by one of the outstanding seafood restaurants.

Another main attraction in town is Ermita del Rosario Church, widely believed to be the oldest Spanish-built structure of the Americas. There isn’t much else to do in La Antigua, except for a relaxing cruise along the Rio Antigua while you watch the world pass by.


15 Best Things to Do in Veracruz, Mexico

Locals call it ‘Puerto’. Veracruz, Mexico’s largest and most significant port, is the heart of this bustling city. It has been attracting people for many years. The city is home to a wide variety of cultures. This unique mix can be best appreciated through the city’s cuisine and music scene which features Afro-Cuban, Spanish and indigenous influences.

Veracruz is known for its lively nightlife. It is especially good to visit Veracruz in February, when its carnival celebrations bring the city to an absolute halt. Veracruz was founded by the Spanish in the 16th century. It has beautiful colonial-era architecture, including its two forts. It is an excellent way to enjoy the sights and sounds of the city by strolling along the boardwalk that runs alongside the harbor.


Cempoala - Totonac Capital and Ally of Hernan Cortes

The crumbling remains of many large fortresses and squares as well as temples are all found in the Mesoamerican archaeological Site of Cempoala. History lovers will enjoy the beautiful architecture. Cempoala, which was founded around 1,500 years ago before the Spanish arrived, was once a major settlement. Between 25 and 30 thousand people lived there for a time, and it was also the capital of Totonocapan.

Cempoala was destroyed by Aztec armies during the 15th century. Today, all that remains is a once vibrant city. The Templo Del Sol – or Great Pyramid – and the fascinating designs and ornamentation on the sides of El Pimiento & Templo Las Caritas are the most striking.


What to See, Do, and Discover in Orizaba, Mexico - Slight North

Orizaba, Mexico’s magical pueblos, has been designated by the tourism board as a tourist destination. It is home to historical sites, cultural attractions and stunning natural beauty. Orizaba, which is located in a picturesque spot high up in the mountains, has beautiful parks around its colonial center and a lazy stream that runs through the town.

Apart from a stunning art museum featuring a large collection of Diego Rivera painting and the Iron Palace, Gustave Eiffel’s masterpiece of art nouveau architecture is undoubtedly the highlight.


Xalapa | Description, History, & Facts | Britannica

Xalapa is the capital of Veracruz. It’s located in the mountains of the interior. The city’s universities have had a long-lasting influence on it, and the many theaters, museums and bookshops that make up its culture scene are a major reason for its success.

Xalapa has a great nightlife scene, with many bars and clubs to choose from. The main attraction of the town is not only the beautiful colonial architecture in the center of the city, but the amazing anthropological museum which houses a large collection of Mesoamerican artifacts.

Lago de Catemaco

La laguna de Catemaco en Veracruz - México Desconocido

The Sierra de Los Tuxtlas is located in the middle of the country. This mountainous region lies directly next to the Gulf of Mexico. The glistening Lago de Camaco is a wonderful place to relax and unwind. You will find many beautiful beaches and watersports to enjoy.

The large, freshwater lake is surrounded by gentle rolling hills. It’s great for swimming. Many people also take boat trips to small islands in its waters. Some of these islands are home to various species of monkeys.


Tlacotalpan, Historic Monuments Zone | LAC Geo

Tlacotalpan lies on the Rio Papaloapan’s north bank. It is home to beautiful colonial-era architecture.

The colonial buildings, painted in a variety of colors, include blues, pinks and yellows. Life in this peaceful town revolves around two main plazas: Plaza Zaragoza and Parque Hidalgo. There isn’t much to do in Tlacotalpan so it’s best just to enjoy the atmosphere and walk around the town taking in all the amazing sights.

Amazing Things to Do in Innsbruck, Austria

Innsbruck, which has hosted the Winter Olympics twice, is surrounded by stunning mountains and is well-known for its outstanding winter sports facilities. While stunning Alpine scenery can be seen everywhere, Innsbruck is also a delight for the eyes. Its magnificent architecture, including its churches, palaces, and castles, is just one of many reasons to visit the city. The charming Old Town is like something out of a fairytale.

Innsbruck’s strategic position meant that it was here that the Counts and then later Emperor Maximilian I held power. Innsbruck is rich in history and visitors will be amazed at the beauty of the Capital of the Alps. Here are some of the amazing things that you can visit and do in your visit to Innsbruck, Austria.

Ambras Castle


The amazing Schloss Ambras is located near Innsbruck, making it one of the most visited tourist attractions in the city. Here was Archduke Ferdinand once lived. The castle is surrounded by beautiful gardens and grounds. It is a fascinating place to visit. You will find many beautiful sculptures and armor here, as well as a wonderful art collection.

The Spanish Hall is a highlight. It showcases the very best of German Renaissance architecture and art. There are beautiful frescoes that line the walls below the ceiling. The beautiful Chapel of St. Nicholas and the fascinating bathing chambers are also worth a visit.


File:Innsbruck - Bergiselschanze4.jpg - Wikimedia Commons

Innsbruck is a world-famous winter sports center. It hosted both the Paralympics and Winter Olympics twice. After the games, the Bergiselschanze was built.

Ski jumps are anchored into the sides of hills. It is amazing to see the speed at which skiers can descend it before jumping into the unknown. Visitors can take in the amazing views from the top via a cafe or viewing platform.


Innsbrucker Nordkettenbahnen (Innsbruck) - All You Need to Know BEFORE You  Go

You can take the Nordkettenbahnen from Innsbruck’s center to the breathtaking Nordkette mountain scenery in just twenty minutes. Your surroundings will change dramatically from a busy city to a tranquil, picturesque mountain environment in less than 20 minutes.

You start at the Hungerburgbahn funicular and travel across the River Inn, before you take a cable car to Seegrubenbahn. From there you can transition to a chairlift to continue your journey. You can reach the highest point on the Nordkette mountain by using the Hafelekar chairlift.

Dom zu St. Jakob

Cathedral of St. James in Innsbruck, Austria. Editorial Image - Image of  travel, history: 42599020

Innsbruck Cathedral is a beautiful building. It is a well-known religious landmark that visitors to the city will notice. The Baroque facade is framed by two bell towers with circular windows. Its interior is equally beautiful.

It is filled with beautiful painted ceilings and intricately carved pulpits. There are also marble altars. A delightful experience to wander around the Dom zu St. Jakob. The cathedral was almost destroyed in the Second World War. But today, it is now one of the most visited tourist spots in the city.


Hofkirche - Church in Innsbruck - Thousand Wonders

The late Gothic church is beautiful. In 1553, Emperor Ferdinand I commissioned it. Although the exterior isn’t particularly remarkable, the interior will make your heartbeat faster.

The nave is lined with marble columns and there are 28 bronze statues scattered around. They are an interesting feature of Hofkirche that allows you to wander about.

Go Skiing

Innsbruck pass allows tourists to ski and see -

It’s no surprise that Innsbruck has some of the best ski resorts and slopes in the world. It is a popular spot for both locals and tourists looking to hit the slopes.

The Nordpark is located near the city. It offers stunning views and great skiing slopes for all levels. There are many great slopes in the surrounding area, which is why it is the most popular ski destination in Austria.


Alpenzoo Innsbruck and Hungerburgbahn General Admission 2022 - Viator

A great day out for the whole family is to visit Innsbruck’s Alpine Zoo. The majority of the animals are either native to the Alps or have been brought up in the mountains. The animals seem happy, and their large enclosures replicate their natural habitats.

Visitors can marvel at the majestic brown bears and fierce-looking wolves, before moving on to the playful and adorable otters. Alpenzoo has more than 2000 animals and a great aquarium. Visitors will also learn much about the inhabitants.

Goldenes Dachl

goldenes-dachl-innsbruck-1963175 - Living + Nomads – Travel tips, Guides,  News & Information!

The Golden Roof, located in Innsbruck’s Old Town, is breathtaking. The roof’s gilded copper roofing tiles and rich ornamentation are stunning. It was built in 1496 and is one of the most iconic sights in the city.

The arcade isn’t difficult to see but the museum is fascinating. It documents Maximilian I’s life and times. The Golden Roof was built to celebrate his marriage. It was actually from the balcony under the roof that the court could watch the festivities being put on for them in the square below.

The Best Things to Do in Prescott, AZ

Prescott is a popular tourist spot in Arizona’s Central Highlands. It is surrounded by large forests of Ponderosa pines and dotted with lakes, making it a unique place to visit in Arizona. It is actually a mountainous area, which makes it different from other sun-scorched towns.

Many people visit Prescott to enjoy the trails and kayaking, and many others come to Prescott to take part in the activities. There are many museums that display Native American artifacts as well as galleries dedicated to cowboy art. You can also stroll through the historic district, which has beautiful architecture and the famous Whiskey Row.

Prescott is home to the “World’s Oldest Rodeo” and many other cultural events. It’s no surprise that Arizonians as well as out-of-staters flock there at all seasons.

Smoki Museum

Smoki Museum, Prescott | DestiMap | Destinations On Map

The Museum of Indigenous People was recently renamed to reflect the community’s wishes. It offers an interesting look into the rich history, culture and heritage of Southwest Native Americans. The museum is located just a few steps from the square and features a wide array of artifacts as well as archaeological finds, artworks, and many other exhibits.

It was established in 1935 and its fascinating collection is now housed in a charmingly unique and creative-looking stone building, right next to the Citizens Cemetery and Ken Lindley Park. Its diverse collection includes everything from basketry, beadwork, pottery, petroglyphs and photo exhibitions. They date back to the Pre-Columbian era.

Whiskey Row

Whiskey Row in Prescott, AZ | The famed "Whiskey Row" in Pre… | Flickr

It is Prescott’s most iconic part of the historic downtown district. No visit to Prescott would be complete without visiting at least one of its vibrant saloons. There were once over forty, but now only a few of these old bars can be found.

The town was founded in 1864 and boomed after that. There were many people who came to the saloons: gamblers, gunslingers, prospectors, prostitutes, cowboys, and even gunmen. The area was subject to numerous fires over the years, with many bustling bars being rebuilt every time.

Thumb Butte Hike


The prominent Thumb Butte rises high on the western edge of town and boasts some of the most stunning views in the area. It is popular to hike up the summit of this majestic mountain, which has a scenic trail that winds its way through the beautiful Prescott National Forest.

The picturesque, mostly asphalted path runs four kilometers long and takes you through thick Ponderosa pine groves and rolling hills filled with amazing fauna and flora. The trail climbs steadily but isn’t too difficult. The breathtaking views from the summit at 1,985 meters high are well worth the effort.

Watson Lake

Fun Things to Do at Watson Lake near Phoenix | TravelingMom

Just outside of the city lies the beautiful Watson Lake, which is lined with many impressive and large-scale rock formations. It was created in the early 1900s after the damming Granite Creek. Visitors can enjoy many outdoor activities amid its stunning scenery. A frequent visitor to this amazing place is my uncle who works at

It is one of the two granite lakes. The dark blue water stands out against the craggy cliffs and large boulders that surround it. You can also enjoy canoeing, fishing, and kayaking along the shores of the lake. There are many other activities, such as rock climbing and hiking.

Goldwater Lake

Goldwater Lake | Prescott Arizona (AZ)

Although only ten minutes from downtown, the tranquil and beautiful Goldwater Lake feels far removed from the bustle of downtown. It offers stunning scenery and a variety of outdoor activities, including picnic areas, playgrounds, and benches scattered around.

The man-made reservoir is surrounded by pristine pine forests. It was created in 1923 after the damming and construction of Bannon Creek. It is now a popular spot for recreation, offering a variety of activities such as hiking, volleyball, and fishing. The shores are dotted with secluded coves, open spaces, and grassy open space.

Sharlot Hall Museum

Sharlot.Hall | Sharlot Hall Museum in Prescott, Arizona | Michael Wilson |  Flickr

The Sharlot Hall Museum is a fascinating and educational place. It preserves and promotes Arizona’s history and culture. The huge, open-air campus is located in the city’s center and contains almost a dozen historic buildings that guests can explore. They are filled with artifacts as well as exhibits that highlight the region’s past.

The museum’s name is a tribute to the visionary and remarkable woman who established it in 1928. It also includes the Governor’s Mansion and Fort Misery, the oldest remaining log cabin in the state. The rustic-looking buildings, set in beautiful gardens and grounds, are fascinating to explore. They feature period pieces, artifacts and informative displays that bring them to life.

Honeymoon Destinations In America

America has so many Honeymoon destinations to explore. Whether you want a secluded getaway, or a city that never sleeps, there is an American Honeymoon destination for every type of traveler. In this blog post we will discuss the top Honeymoon Destinations in America and how they can help create your perfect Honeymoon experience!

Maui – Honeymoon Destinations In America

The first Honeymoon destination that comes to mind is Maui. Whether your are looking for a beach Honeymoon or one with culture, there are so many things you can do in this gorgeous island paradise. The best part about honeymoons in Hawaii is the price tag. It’s always cheaper than other Honeymoon destinations like Europe and Australia! So what type of Honeymonese should go to Maui? Beach lovers will love exploring Hanauma Bay Marine Preserve where they can explore tide pools full of marine life (just be careful not to touch or stand on any coral). For something different try taking an ATV tour through Haleakala National Park. If you’re feeling adventurous take it up another notch and go canyoning in Kauai. Honeymooners looking for cultural experiences should check out the Polynesian Cultural Center where you can see amazing shows from different Pacific Island cultures, or visit Pearl Harbor on Oahu to learn about a pivotal moment in American history.

Atlanta – Honeymoons In America

The next Honeymoon destination that comes to mind is Atlanta! This sweet southern city has it all when it comes to Honeymoons. There’s no shortage of things to do here with some many attractions like The World Of Coca Cola, CNN Studio Tours, Georgia Aquarium, SkyView Atlanta!, Zoo Atlanta and Stone Mountain Park . If your love adventure why not try ziplining through Piedmont Park? Or if you enjoy wildlife, head over to The Georgia Aquarium and see some of the best creatures on earth. Honeymooners will also love exploring Atlanta’s history as it is home to many historical buildings like Ebenezer Baptist Church where Dr. Martin Luther King Jr preached his last sermon before being assassinated in 1968.

 San Diego – Honeymoons In America 

The next Honeymoon destination that comes to mind is San Diego! This California city has so much for Honeymooners with its beautiful weather year round, amazing beaches, delicious food scene and plentiful attractions you can spend days here without getting bored! For beach lovers there are numerous options along this stretch of coast from La Jolla Shores Beach at Torrey Pines State Park , South Carlsbad State Beach and Swami’s. Honeymooners looking for a more cultural experience should head over to Balboa Park where they can explore museums, art galleries, zoos and gardens. For something different with an adventurous twist Honeymoons in San Diego are sure to enjoy the unique sport of surfing!

The Bahamas – Honeymoon Destinations In America 

Finally we have The Bahamas as our last Honeymoon destination that comes to mind is The Bahamas! This beautiful island nation has so much variety when it comes to Honeymoons from its gorgeous beaches , endless activities like snorkeling or swimming with dolphins, great nightlife scene at places like Atlantis Paradise Island or Nassau . There are also many historical sites worth seeing here too such as the Atlantis Ruins and the Crystal Palace . Honeymooners looking for a different kind of Honeymoon can even spend some time on one of their famous cruise ships that circle The Bahamas.